Some more on Little Honey Tee Tee, Derrick David Thiessen, Gamgokt or whatever

Someone brought this to my attention. David Tee, who we have renamed Little Honey Tee Tee, has assumed another name on the interwebs – Gamgokt.

But, neither David Tee nor Gamgokt is his real name. Instead, it is Derrick David Thiessen who was forced to leave the U.S. for various reasons, it seems.

What does this show except Tee/Thiessen/Gamgokt is a liar, possibly a criminal, and a true troll? No one really knows his real name, but I have to wonder if he didn’t pull it from a real archaeologist. We do he spent time under the name of David Thiessen on several archaeology forums before launching into his expert status. And we know how it was shrunk.

(by the way, use your find on page feature)

I would encourage all bibliobloggers to not give this guy the time of day on commenting on your blog.

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4 Replies to “Some more on Little Honey Tee Tee, Derrick David Thiessen, Gamgokt or whatever”

  1. I’m convinced that the Australian wannabe programmer is not the same person. The writing style / punctuation idioms / vocab are very different. E.g. he wrote “I wonder why anyone converts to any relgion, basically it is rubish, no offence, but please, i long for the day where religion is just a part of history :)” Which is very much not like Dr Tee.

    Though it is odd and puzzling that there be two identically named trolls. I wonder if the crossover about Dr Tee being forced out of the US in that comment post is related to someone also mis-searching and finding the Aussie version. Or maybe there are two wierd individuals with similar traits. Or maybe Dr Tee is considerably more screwed up that he appears!

    1. Do you have a link or pic of the Australian trol? He’s been outted on Twitter for using multiple accounts and bots as well as harassment

  2. Derrick David Thiessen is well known in South Korea. He trolled my blog for a couple of years using various aliases (gamgogkt, Archie, and others) and only stopped when I stopped posting. I was sent his resume including photograph by a loyal reader of my blog, but even posting his photograph didn’t stop his daily nonsense.

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