Some alternative (memes) for this political season 

Just a little humor this morning… 



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One Reply to “Some alternative (memes) for this political season ”

  1. Since you previously mentioned Sirach, I read some of it, and it seems to apply today (post debate).

    Advice to candidates… Sirach 7:10-14
    Do not neglect to give alms. (Advice to Cruz)
    Do not ridicule a person who is embittered in spirit, for there is One who humbles and exalts. (Advice to Rubio)
    Do not devise a lie against your brother, or do the same to a friend. (Advice to Trump)
    Rufuse to utter any lie, for it is a habit that results in no good. (Advice to all)
    Do not babble in the assembly of the elders, and do not repeat yourself when you pray (say) – regarding debates.

    I just need to find some reference to wet pants, and I’ll be happy!

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