Some about those Women…

The Women see the Empty Tomb
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Glenn Peoples responds to Jew Lowder and tells us a little something else…

Jew Lowder of is unmoved by this. He writes, “Having women discover the empty tomb may have been somewhat embarrassing to the church, but, if so, that would have been for reasons that had nothing to do with their qualification to serve as legal witnesses, since the women are not portrayed as legal witnesses in the story.”

But this rather obviously misses the point. Nobody ever claimed that the women who discovered the the tomb served as witnesses in a court of law when they informed others of their discovery. That suggestion is so obviously incorrect that it seems ludicrous to raise the response at all. The fact that women were deemed less qualified than men to serve as legal witnesses is relevant simply to illustrate the fact that the eyewitness testimony of women was in general taken much less seriously than that of men, and that is the point.

via Say Hello to my Little Friend » Blog Archiv » Women as First Witnesses to the Empty Tomb.

Just as at Christmas, Easter is contains the strains of feminist liberation…

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  1. I’m a little surprised by the objection that says “so what if women were not seen to be as credible as men as witnesses in court. This wasn’t a courtroom!” Well duh of course it wasn’t. Even at remnant of giants that objection was used as though it were an obvious knock down. I don’t get it, other than by assuming that the people who use it would rather not see the empty tomb as historical.

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