“So, you are the Christ … walk across my swimming pool”

In the early 1970s I never got to see the stage version of Jesus Christ Superstar, but I did see the movie at the drive-in and it was OK from what I remember. This new Broadway production looks great!

Director Des McAnuff’s hyperkinetic productions can give the impression that he never met a scaffold, an elevated catwalk, a video wall or a stadium-style lighting plot he didn’t love. But despite all its tricked-out technology, his Jesus Christ Superstar is firmly tethered to its roots. Its fat, funky synthesizer sounds, folky guitars, wailing rock falsettos and hippified lyrics render it a 1970s pop-culture artifact — earnest but kitsch. Does the production make a great case for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s epochal take on the Passion play? Probably better than most. Either way, it’s an entertaining guilty pleasure.


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2 Replies to ““So, you are the Christ … walk across my swimming pool””

  1. I grew up with and loved the movie. And the 20th anniversary revival with Carl Anderson and Ted Neely was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t particularly impressed with this video though.

    Like usual, I’ll be watching my DVD of the 1973 movie for Easter.

  2. I enjoy JCS immensely but mostly because of how ridiculous and over-the-top it is. Ironically it’s the play where Jesus is a clown (Godspell) that I can take more seriously.

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