So, @pastormark is writing for #foxnews now


I sorta think this defines ‘echo chamber,’ don’t you?

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5 Replies to “So, @pastormark is writing for #foxnews now”

  1. This somewhat belated marriage of 19th century religion and early 20th century eugenics in the early 21st century may not produce enough children to save the white race.

  2. I assume it’ll be easy to find this staunch opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and Vietnam and Korea and Japan and German and Cuba and the colonies and Amalek).

    On that scale I’ll almost allow him to ignore the small matter of the death penalty.

  3. The Founding Fathers of the United States were not one group. They were separated by generations as well as by ideology. Some were religious separatists. Others thought Christianity absurd. Then as now, the religious separatists brooked no opposition to their interpretation of scripture. They were God’s representatives on earth and everyone was going to hell. Likewise, as is the case today, the more moderate factions were willing to negotiate and compromise.
    Bad religion has been part of the American experience since its founding. Despite claims of God’s blessing, the combination bad planning, paternal arrogance, and egregious stupidity that defined early colonel Massachusetts may have contributed to the decidedly secular nature of The Constitution of the Unite States as drafted a little over a century later. Although frequently ignored, that document specifically forbids religious tests for public office!
    Discounting religion, there were five principal factions responsible for hammering out The Constitution of 1787. Of those, not surprisingly, the merchant class dominated the proceedings. Unlike the Declaration of Independence crafted a decade earlier, God is conspicuous by his absence in the latter document. It is only through revisionist history that the authors have been Christianized. Many were Deists or Masons.
    The difference between the late 18th and early 21st century American governance is that today’s leadership has lost the capacity to see beyond their ideological blinders. To further compound the difficulties, with its spiraling national debt and professionalized military, the United States has become a nation that the delegates meeting in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 would have found abhorrent! Of course, those Founders would have also loathed the country’s drift into democracy.
    Today’s Republican Party is primarily populated by aging Vietnam-era draft-dodgers and younger Yellow Elephants. Much like Lord Farquaad in the original Shrek movie, they tend to be fearless with other people’s lives. Otherwise, for the most part, they’re only brave enough to sing the Star Spangled Banner a little louder than everyone else.
    For the past three decades, an inept Republican leadership has halfheartedly fought wars more designed to fatten the coffers of defense contractors than to achieve any reasonable semblance of victory. Much like soldiers on the field of battle, God is little more than a useful pawn in this grand scheme. With a tradition of avoiding military service, right-wing preachers are little more than cheerleaders on the sidelines. A more fitting attire for their emasculated role would be the wearing of skirts, spankies and waving of pom-poms in the pulpit!
    While those on the right think they will save America, in the end, they will only destroy it. While thugs usually win in the short-term, they their mindless rigidity leads to their eventual demise along with the death of what they sought to protect. That is the often untold history of mankind.

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