So long, Jon Huntsman

While winning many high profile endorsements, even in South Carolina as recently as yesterday, Jon Huntsman is dropping out and will now endorse Romney. I’m made it no secret that Huntsman was my favorite candidate due to his level of sanity on a wide range of issues.

Oddly, his Mormonism never came up that I know of. Maybe it is because he was never, ever, considered to be a front runner.

He supported science – in climate change and evolution, one of the only Republican presidential candidates who publicly acknowledged it.

Oh well… everything’s fine… go back to watching TV.

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4 Replies to “So long, Jon Huntsman”

  1. I think we can at least be sure Huntsman’s not bowing out to position himself as Romney’s VP – since a ticket featuring two from the same religious denomination would be bad politics from any perspective – loosing the chance to ‘rope in’ additional demographics.

    1. Agreed. Wouldn’t stop him from being SoS, however, or maybe Treasurer. I don’t think, regardless, what Huntsman will have a chance because Romney will not win.

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