So, did Jesus commit suicide?

He did after all Martyr himself.

Is voluntary Martyrdom the same as suicide?

if so.. how does that affect the “traditional” perception of suicide?

hmm.. questions.. needing answers.

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3 Replies to “So, did Jesus commit suicide?”

  1. Here’s how Chesterton distinguished them (paraphrased): “The suicide cares so little for anything outside himself that he takes his own life. The martyr cares so much for something outside of himself that he forgets his own life”

    1. Hmm.. however, I know people (christian people, at least 3) who have committed suicide, and all have not done it because they cared for nothing outside of themselves, but rather the opposite.

  2. Reflecting on subsequent discussions about suicide precipitated the following question: Did at least some early Christian martyrs commit the equivalent of today’s suicide by cop?

    After all, the Roman Empire was notorious in its suppression of dissent. They pretty much crucified, gutted, or threw misfits to the lions first, and asked questions later.

    On the other hand, early Christians were decidedly nonconformist in their belief and lifestyle when compared to the typical Roman citizen.

    In today’s society, those disinclined to fall in line with the status quo are likely candidates for suicide. Given the history of mankind, there is little reason to believe this has not always been the case. The tribal instinct is strong.

    Put the two together — nonconformist slaves with little prospects of a better life living under the thumb of a brutally regime — and the idea that at least some of dissenters would choose to end it all at the hands of government after being promised a better life after death is not beyond the realm of possibility or even probability.

    Now, of course, the question is whether this patten was set in motion by the death — or possible suicide — of Jesus.

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