So, Barton is proved a liar… so he attacks Throckmorton as being a liberal?

The crux of their attack was that Throckmorton was once a true evangelical but then turned away from supporting the use of reparative therapy to “cure” gays, at which point he lost his moral compass.  Throckmorton is now, according to Barton, a radical member of the “Religious Left” …. and you know that because he associates with Right Wing Watch! (here)

Listen to the video. Because Throckmorton does not support the terrible gay therapy, he is an “enemy.”


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4 Replies to “So, Barton is proved a liar… so he attacks Throckmorton as being a liberal?”

  1. Why am I not surprised? If someone calls you on something the just villify them. I have heard of Barton’s book and am acquainted with an earlier work of his. I really don’t trust Barton’s account of American history. The man can be informative; however, he’ll overlook things that don’t agree with his ideology.

    My experience revolves around the history of Blacks in this country and both political parties. At one time, the Republicans were considered friendly to the African American community. This changed in the 60s. Gee, why do you suppose this happened Mr David Barton? I didn’t hear a word from his video series on this issue.

    I’ll give you a hint. It had to do with a sense of betray by Republicans like Barry Goldwater. He supported the ideas behind both the Civil Rights Act and Voters Right Act. However, he did not like the expansion of federal authority. Thanks to ideology, he didn’t support it. This created an open door for the racists Dems who left because of Lyndon Johnson.

    There is more but you won’t hear any of this from David Barton or Glenn Beck.

  2. When you can’t refute the scholarship showing your errors it is a quick step to simply go and attack their political alignment. Sadly for many of the rabble this works. Yet when Barton does this he simply dismisses himself even more with people who are read on these subjects.

    Besides, why didn’t they just call Throckmorton up and ask him. He’s probably got the time.

  3. The common misconception today is that evangelicals are:
    -All mean, stupid, and dogmatic
    – All waiting for the rapture
    -All anti-evolutionists
    -All inerrantists
    – All rich Americans
    – All Calvinists
    – All Republicans
    – All racist, sexist, homophobes

    I’m none of the above, although some may question the first point 🙂 So what does tat make me?
    But it seems that Barton has his own definition of Evangelical. Because I don’t I don’t believe the Bible clearly addresses the question of the eternal destiny of those who have never heard or understood the gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe that racism and sexism are serious problems in the USA and shouldn’t be viewed as “lesser” than other moral evils and I also believe that slander, hatred, greed, and fits of rage are just as sinful as fornication and stealing (so did Paul – 1 Corinthians 6:10-11; Galatians 5:19-21). I seriously doubt that Barton would see me as an Evangelical either.
    But then again, you guys won’t accept me either because I believe that when Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by Him,
    He wasn’t lying. Nor was He being narrow minded. (And I believe Jesus of Nazareth actually uttered those words.). I also believe that accusing people of racism and sexism when they aren’t racist or sexist is just as wrong as racism and sexism. And often times I sometimes think that there is too much talk about rights and not enough talk about taking responsibility. And while I disagree with him on many things, I find some of what John MacArthur teaches to be valuable.
    So where do I stand? My old denominational colleagues call me a heretic for being too “liberal”, and my high church brethren in NY consider me a fundamental hick. Dems da Breaks…

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