Sleepy Hollow First Impressions

The other night, my wife and I watched the new Fox series, Sleepy Hollow. After watching the first episode, I have mixed feelings. This is not the Sleepy Hollow we grew up with. Content warning: Spoilers after the jump.

The episode opens during a battle of the Revolutionary War. Ichabod Crane is fighting on the side of the American Continental Army. During the battle, a British soldier, wearing an iron mask, gets off of a white horse and heads toward Crane. During the ensuing fight, the British soldier is shot, Crane is mortally wounded, but not before beheading the British soldier. The two soldiers collapse on the field. After a brief flash, Crane wakes up and drags himself out of the grave only to find himself in present day Sleepy Hollow.

During the course of the episode, we find out a few things Amber Jewelry Tea Set:

  1. The Revolutionary War wasn’t just about independence. It was also about Armageddon.
  2. Crane, was originally a British citizen…an Oxford professor no less, but defected to the American Army and served as a spy during the war. Oh, and he married a witch.
  3. The British soldier/Headless Horseman is actually Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
  4. Everyone in this bloody series gets the name of the last book of the Bible wrong. It’s Revelation, not Revelations.

It will be interesting to see what direction the series takes from here.

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6 Replies to “Sleepy Hollow First Impressions”

  1. My first comment to my wife after watching it, “I sure hope the old women in our church didn’t watch it. They may actually believe it’s true”.

  2. Yes, it will be interesting, and I’ll be watching right along with you. I am glad I’m not the only one who picked up on the show as a potential commentary on “American exceptionalism” ( – a very timely series!

  3. I found this cringeworthy, firstly they made judgment day about whether or not the earth will be allowed to continue, the two witnesses have gone from Elijah and Moses to Abby and Ichabod, Satan is essentially a god, everything that happens that heathen humanity would see as bad (such as the four horsemen etc) are now carried out by Satan not God, in fact, God has no part in this show.

    Witchcraft appears to be the new christianity, the two witnesses are integral to the “fate of humanity” and don’t preach the gospel anymore, fire doesn’t come from their mouths, humankind is completely innocent.

    I also note the gigantic eye of lucifer gratuitously shown on one of the gravestones during the show, showing us exactly what this show is about! Its about a false gospel, and keeping people FAR away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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