Silly Saturdays – the OMJB Cat

I laughed….

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5 Replies to “Silly Saturdays – the OMJB Cat”

  1. I am providing a comment for only one reason…there are no comments. Cats deserve better. Cats have feelings too. Anyone that thinks they have no souls (and therefore no feelings) should promptly go to hell.

  2. First, sorry for my comment. I’ve been around too many people that have a feeling that animals can be used for whatever purpose they want. Seems, for whatever reason, they tend to be dispensationalists. Maybe the whole rapture thing. For Jim, as far as proving it, from a personal standpoint, I’ve had cats. So I know. One died. If he isn’t in heaven, then I don’t particularly want to go there either. As far as scripture, I am not an expert. But Gen 2:7 (RSV) “then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” I believe the Hebrew word is “nephesh” for breath of life, or soul. There is no other description of transplanting a soul into man in the bible, so I can only assume that the process is as described, of providing a soul for man. So then: Gen 1:30, Gen 6:17, Gen 7:15, Gen 7:22 refers to the same “breath of life”, or “soul”, in referring to animals. Thus my cat has a soul, and I guarantee that he is more likely to make it to heaven than me. Although, this proof, like most proofs in the bible, for me, has to be judged based upon overall themes from the bible, since I believe Genesis is symbolic, and I support the documentary hypothesis. But the overall theme is consistent. Israelites tried to sacrifice humans, with a soul. They transferred it to animals, to take their sins away. If the animal didn’t have a soul, then it is just a hunk of meat. Jesus substituted for the animals. I assume you think Jesus had a soul. Consistency.

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