Should we trust/use Sectarian Scholarship? #SDA #LDS

I’ve caught myself in my prejudices.

William H. Shea has written a great article on the chiastic structure of Daniel, which, for the most part I would agree with. But, he is Seventh Day Adventist. To me, he is immediately under a cloud of suspicion when it comes to Daniel and Revelation, if not most other books. It’s not exactly like accepting a sociologist trained at Bob Jones University, but you get the idea.

So, I went looking for other examples of purposed chiastic structures in Second Temple Judaism. I found one that was quite interesting, detailing Chiasmus in Aramaic contracts. I was all over that until I realized it was from the LDS-backed BYU.

My hesitation to use the LDS scholar’s work was a great deal less than my hesitation to use Shea’s.

Here’s the thing – when it comes to accepting scholarship, if it is by someone who defines themselves as conservative or liberal (or, rather, if the scholars says my scholars is conservative/liberal), I will distrust it.

On the other hand, I do have issues accepting scholarship from certain groups.


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One Reply to “Should we trust/use Sectarian Scholarship? #SDA #LDS”

  1. I would suggest that you have to evaluate the scholarship as scholarship.

    I should mention that I took class from Bill Shea when he was a professor at the SDA Theological Seminary.

    But still … evaluate the content, not the person — generally.

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