Shortest short story

Ernest Hemingway, one of America’s greatest gifts to the world of literature, once wrote a short story in 6 words:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn

That was it, and Hemingway called it is greatest story. To understand, step back and look at what he said. It involves three characters – the father, mother, and the baby. The setting has to be a time period that has newspaper ads while the plot involves one of conflict. Granted, this might leave a lot to the imagination, but think about it. Why would you sale baby shoes that were never worn? The child, perhaps still born, perhaps dying of some fever rampant in the early 20th century, or perhaps, the child were born to parents too poor for healthcare and a simple cold took the life of the child. No matter, the story is told and yet leaves a lot for the reader to speculate.

Someone recently challenged his readers to come up with story in 6 words and it took me a week, but I did. Here is mine:

Thank Jesus Christ; He saved me.

Let’s examine, then, this story.

Thanks – some form of gratitude.

Jesus Christ – the whom gratitude is due.

Okay, so why not say ‘Thank God’, ‘Thank the Lord’, or Thank the Lord Jesus’? Because, Peter said that there is but one name by which we must be saved, and only one name under heaven recognized for salvation and that is Jesus Christ.

He saved me – Not ‘I am saved’ because it takes Christ out of the equation. I am not saved of my own self, but by the faithfulness of Christ.


Thank Jesus Christ; He saved me.

No one else could and for that He has all my gratitude.

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