sexual predator

Their anger followed the comments made by prosecution lawyer Robert Colover. In sentencing, Judge Nigel Peters apparently accepted the suggestions that Wilson’s teenage victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was complicit in the abuse; despite her being well below the age of consent.

The girl was accused in court of “egging her abuser on” and was described as “looking older” than her thirteen years, something the judge said he would consider in Wilson’s favour. But anti-rape campaigners railed at the accusation that the young victim was promiscuous. They argued that it helped facilitate the sexual abuse of children.

via Judge calls victim, 13, a ‘sexual predator’: Outcry as 41-year-old man walks free after admitting sex with girl – Crime – UK – The Independent.

There are several cases like this going on right now where the victim is portrayed as the criminal. But, we see this in rape culture – where women deserve it. Trayvon deserved it. Calvinists, the hardened ones, claim those in Africa or hell deserve it.



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      1. While I would agree that authority figures should not take advantage of their charges, I have enough education and experience to know that the real problem is further up the food chain.

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