Severian of Gabala on the Role of Mary in Women’s Liberation

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In his homily on Genesis 3.16, Severian writes,

So what? Has the female sex been subjected to condemnation and left to suffer pain, without the bondage being undone? Christ came, and he undid the bondage. The bearer of the Lord appeared for the defense of her sex, the holy Virgin in place of the virgin. Eve, also being a virgin when she sinned; she (Mary) abolished the pain and the labor of the condemned one.

There is a lot of theology around Mary, some of which I do not agree, but I do think that Protestants have thrown out the baby with the bathwater when they completely dismissed Mary out of the theological speculation and application.

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2 Replies to “Severian of Gabala on the Role of Mary in Women’s Liberation”

  1. I think it’s safe to say that Protestants pick and chose which of the Ecumenical Councils to agree with, and, as is the case with Mary, pick and chose what canons of an Ecumenical Council to agree with. Most Protestants deny Nestorianism…but Mary as Theotokos…blasphemy.

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