Selective #outrage and Hypocrisy; the #CiaReports

Well, call me controversial… I am indeed attempting to resist the temptation of posting political posts, but this is more a begging for reason and sincerity than anything political although I know I will be accused of being a “political unreasonable, mean, heartless right winger”… Well, have the fullest of it, because here it goes:

Human beings are so complex and interesting! Politicians are extra-crisp more complex and interesting except that they are predictable! Of course we should be outraged that some guy is being tortured. But, at least he is, as per our Western standards, a bad guy and I m not going to be all shaken up because someone who contributed to the death of about 3,000 people “has water bubbles coming off his throat”. It is gross and inhumane, but, come on, are you really outraged because of that? How about being outraged drones; about the lies of Obamacare? How about being outraged by being called “stupid” by Mr. Jonathan Gruber, the many times cited by the government as the “A.C.A. (or Obamacare) architect? I am more concerned about a few people I know whose deductible was 1,500.00 and not is five thousand dollars on Obamacare and their monthly payment is also higher. Why? Because they make money and are obligated by the government to pay a tax so one that does not work can have a paper and an illusion of health care! The issue here, however, is not health care, but “selective outrage” which is nothing but hypocrisy!

I can continue till I lose what is left of my teeth from talking: how about the government harassing citizens using the IRS? How about outrage about the government (past and present) supplying weapons to drug cartels thinking that would be a good idea to discover where they commit their heinous crimes?

The CIA report was released on the day Jonathan Gruber, the A.C.A. architect was being confronted by the House on his “Americans are stupid” comments on 5 videos that we know of, exposing the lies told the American people so the A.C.A. would be acceptable. We can fairly be suspicious of the intentions of releasing the report on that day and after a tremendous elections loss and an attempt to “control the agenda”, which has now become a term to replace the terms “smoke screen” and/or “red herring”; huh, let me think: taking the attention away  from an issue that requires reasoning and thinking by bringing an emotional one! After all, Mr. Gruber said it “Americans are stupid!”. Following the “it is not a tax” and now “of course is a tax where one group will pay for the health care of others”, after “you can keep your doctor, your current plan”, after the ” I can’t do it alone because of the Constitution” 24 times also on video, and now (to the Spanish channels) “I never said that I couldn’t do it alone”, and this CIA report, the cheapening of life both in abortion mills and some our neighborhoods, even on the part of a tax greedy government that will not hesitate in hurting its citizens to ensure the collection of said taxes (as in New York), the disregard for the truth, the usurpation of authority, the fibbing ways in which ill-informed Americans are told about very serious issues in their lives, really demonstrate that are are really better than this, we are complicit because of our silence and passiveness, and most of all it points out that ministers, even insignificant ministers like me, are doing a lousy job in pointing out America’s errors simply because of our political preferences, if not for being the very beneficiaries of the lies government tells us. Come on, many ministers signed up for the Affordable Care Act, so how can they preach against the lies the government told them about it?. So, I am somewhat outraged, but not extremely outraged for all of this as such extreme outrage would be actually “selective outrage”. The lies that the government tell us, the drones, “innocent” lives being wasted, killed, secret operations against American Citizens, these are all reasons for real outrage… A mass murderer being thrown against a wall? Oh, please!!!!

As for the work of the CIA I will continue in my attempt not to be a hypocrite, because if one of my children were in a crowded mall where there was a bomb placed by a terrorist and the authorities had him in custody and there was even a slim chance that he would disclose where the bomb is and how to disarm it if pressured, I would want the government to use any means possible to gain such information… We can’t tolerate in ourselves that which we despise on others.

Now call me names… I have both years plugged by my index fingers and am going lah lah lah lah… Not that I don’t want to hear; it is that such name calling is too predictable!

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8 Replies to “Selective #outrage and Hypocrisy; the #CiaReports”

  1. While useful for extracting false confessions, torture isn’t a very good way to gather viable information.

    If Democrats had not released the “enhanced interrogation” report before Republicans took over Congress, those pages never would have seen the light of day. After all, the abused occurred under a Republican presidential administration.

    Not only did architects of the techniques described by report have no background in interrogation, they apparently reaped tens of millions of dollars by designing a program that fit the Bush Administration mindset. (Both warmongers Bush and Cheney were [insert the unflattering expletive of choice here] draft-dodgers during Nam.)

    Concentrations of wealth accrued during the Second Gilded Age are ripe once again for proving why income taxation was created in the first place. Egregious tax cuts by Republican presidential administrations befitting the wealthy preceded both the Great Depression and the Great Recession. More economic disasters await.

    For the past several decades, the United States has been on the road to a totalitarian state. Whether a Democrat or Republican is in office makes little difference. Except for a charismatic leader, all the pieces are in place for installing a fascist regime. (It will happens because, while Americans have been force fed a diet of anti-socialist propaganda, they know virtually nothing about fascism beyond Mussolini and Hitler.)

    As with 2010, the 2014 midterm election was less an approval of Republican policies than a warning to Democrats. Neither political party has exemplary poll numbers. Moreover, it may be evidence of two electorates – a different demographic turnout for presidential elections than for midterm elections.

    Only recently has abortion been equated with murder. Traditionally, English law – on which much of the American legal system is based – did not view the death of a quick but unborn child as murder. The concept was largely created to weld traditionally antagonistic fundamentalists and Catholics into a single right-wing voting bloc. That’s why Baptists these days are taking their marching orders from Rome!

  2. The selective, and now, irrational, outrage continues:
    Water boarding, pushing someone against a wall, or whatever was done to the three guys who were responsible for 9/11 and/or, had information about future attacks (curbed due to information gathered in these interrogations, 13 of them), did not impair anyone physically. Point me one terrorist, or “freedom fighter” if you wish, who is now on crutches, blinded, or has a crushed arm like Senator McCain… So, these guys are physically intact, as they were born, and, please note, whatever they suffered, they suffered alone; no one else was hurt in the process!

    The opponents of enhanced techniques, however , irrationally and coincidentally are the ones who are in favor of the Drone policy! So, let’s reason together: They oppose a technique that leaves no physically impairing marks and that offers a chance, as slim as it may be, of acquiring vital information about attacks and save not a few lives, but favor one that, no only KILLS their targets, but also kills many innocent bystanders, among them, women and children. How is that for logic? How is that for HYPOCRISY!!!! People oppose the enhanced interrogations methods for NO OTHER REASON than the fact that it was conducted during an administration of someone that they do not support politically, and that is what I call sanctimonious hypocrisy! However, the political guy that they support can do much, much, worse, kill and maim a lot more people, call them “collateral damage” and everything is fine! This tells me a lot about human nature and the nature of the political beasts that the left wing in this country has become!!!! They have abandoned logic and human decency!

    1. Since the days of the Pennsylvania (penal) System, more authoritarian Americans have been fascinated with psychological torture for precisely the reasons that is leaves no physical evidence of abuse. Thus, it is no accident that the “enhanced interrogation” techniques described in the Senate report were designed by two military psychologists. It was based on techniques used by North Korea during the Korean War.

      Then Attorney General John Ashcroft has been quoted as correctly observing at the time White House disucssions were underway, “HISTORY WILL NOT JUDGE THIS KINDLY.” (Emphasis added.) The Bush Administration clearly knew that whatever label they choose to use would be little more than a euphemism for torture. Anyone with exposure to Survival Evasion Resistance Escape tactics knows this. The others are either oblivious, or CYA – not to be confused with CIA – or CTA. (And, no, I will not translate.)

  3. “The selective, and now, irrational, outrage continues:”
    CIA good, IRS and HHS bad? Last time I checked, they are all Federal Government.
    Executive Branch bad, Legislative Branch good? Now THAT, is irrational! And the Judicial Branch is just plain screwy.

    1. The three branches of government operating under the umbrella of American federalism are an experiment in dividing monarchical power into its constituent parts. The goal is to prevent any one individual or clique from making the laws, enforcing the laws, and then deciding whether or not they enforced the laws appropriately. In other words, the framers of The Constitution as penned in 1787 didn’t want create a case of the fox guarding the hen house!

      Several things have thrown the system into turmoil.

      Because of the loose wording of the 14th Amendment, corporations have become de facto persons in the United States. As a result of their concentrated wealth and power, corporations are able rent politicians by the term much as johns rent hookers by the hour. This results in laws that favor business interests over the common man.

      The turmoil of the Great Depression saw the rise of what would later become known as the imperial presidency. This delegation of legislative power to the executive was something the writers of The Constitution sought to avoid in 1787.

      Originally intended to be independent of legislative or executive meddling, the judicial branch of government has become a pawn in the hands of the two principal political parties. In short, far to many judges are political hacks in the mold of 19th century presidents.

      Within this framework the bureaucracy has expended into a de facto forth branch of government. It derives its power because it is responsible for implementing the laws passed by Congress. Thus, unless someone is in a position to raise a legal objection, the bureaucracy exists a the primary interpreter of laws. This was something writers of The Constitution anticipated.

      The rise of America as a world power was likewise not something the writers of The Constitution expected. Yet, it happened when, at the end of World War II, the British realized they would no longer be in a position to control world politics. As a result, the passed the baton to the Americans. When coupled with the subsequent Cold War this new responsibility gave the United States the standing army and resultant taxes and debt that the founders so feared would destroy liberty.

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