Secular Rants from a Christian Conservative

No matter how this Christian wants to stay away from politics, it seems as if politics refuses to stay away from him and leave him alone! I should either stop reading papers, political blogs, watching news on TV, reading news in the Internet and be a totally “fool on the hill” (as if I am not a fool everywhere else), by simply avoiding current affairs or, I have to engage lest I will be as a man with a terrible bowel discomfort who cannot find a bathroom nearby! The comparison may be crass but it is exactly the picture of me, in view of all these political things going around, attempting to stay silent and aloof.

The events of this weekend in Nevada where functionaries of the Government oppressed for whatever reason, just, unjust, fair or not, a family of cow ranchers are really something that more than butterflies in my stomach, cause me to see imaginary gigantic vultures swooping over the head of the freedom loving people of this country (the few of us, I guess) just waiting for them to die and degust on their carcasses. Tortoise or not, revenge from Mr. Reid for the opposition these cattle ranchers demonstrated toward him in the last election, the secret dealings of the government with environmentalists while still negotiating with a certain solar panel manufacturer to “donate” the piece of land in question so they can build  their factory, or for whatever reason, the government is not supposed to treat citizens who, for ages, have been doing the same thing all over again, through generations, and were never bothered by the government which passes laws creating crimes that weren’t crimes ere the current public figures were elevated to high levels of government office. No, the government simple does not create an army-like force, with snipers, heavy weaponry to collect a civil debt from a cattle rancher who reasonably questions the debt in the first place and disputes about who the genuine owner of that land is. No sir! The government cannot treat its citizens that way no matter how long it has negotiated with the citizenry! As much as I try to shut up, we have due process, a Constitution to which to resort to find out who is on the right without leaving to activist judges and agencies of the government who work against the constitutionally prescribed citizen’s rights under the guise of environmental issues.

Besides all that, we keep hearing of the National Security Agency spying on its citizens, the proposition, or even the mentioning that immigration laws, although in the books are not to be enforced, that no one sent the a Bureau Land Management like force to defend the ambassador in Benghazi, but were quick to send it to harass cattle ranchers, and that the IRS has worked as a Gestapo kind of force persecuting citizens and abridging their right to have a voice in the electoral process, that the conscience of religious people is being trampled, and that the “gay-stapo” is now deciding who has a job and who does not based upon their opinion which has only one alternative: submit or else.

Have I listed enough items? Man, should I continue to speak about the impunity on the issue of Fast and Furious, of the Black Panther voter suppression and aggression, that were never investigated, or better, it was not something that the Justice Department saw fit to investigate? May I add the lies told by our own president about his trademark program, which are still being told under the guise of 7 million people who no one know whether were uninsured who became insured or insured who became uninsured thus resorting to buying some that they prefer not to have but had no choice in having? Why my government is bragging of reaching an unproven goal when it passed a law that everyone had to signup for its product under the penalty of a fine? Is it not easy to be the government, compel people to signup for something and then brag that the people who was compelled to signup signed up? Why are they bragging if they promised to insure 30 million people and only 7 million signed up, many who had insurance before, and still 30 million people continue without health care?

In Brazil there is this story about a Pentecostal, a very poor man who after moving out of his town, could not find a Pentecostal church and the only Church he could find to attend was a Presbyterian one with a formal and purely liturgical service where every line and every word was planned and orchestrated to the level of a Broadway act and this man could not hold his shouts, better shrieks, of Hallelujah Praise the Lord thus breaking the formality of the service and waking up some pew warmers. One day the minister of the Presbyterian Church noting the man was so poor that had no shoes, and at the same time worried about the frequent disruptions from this poor man approached him and asked him please not to scream at Church anymore and that next Sunday they would have a distinguished guest preacher and if he should be quiet just for that Sunday the congregation would give him a pair of shoes. The man agreed and Sunday came. The man tried to shut up and control himself the best he could, exactly was I was trying to do with my political issues, and in the middle of the sermon upon hearing the guest preacher mentioning the oceans and the seas, this poor man could no longer control himself and shouted: “I may go home barefooted, but Hallelujah, Praise the Lord; the preacher said Oceans, and I just happened to remember that my sins are in the bottom of the oceans, so, tough on your shoes, Hallelujah Praise the Lord”. That’s exactly the way I feel today; I may not lose a pair of shoes because I don’t need one and have none promised to me, but I may lose a lot of friends, but, I can no longer be quiet! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord the Constitution gives me the right to say these things!


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21 Replies to “Secular Rants from a Christian Conservative”

  1. Milton, you are crazy, as usual. I remember hiking the John Muir trail a long time ago, with a bunch of scouts. Hiked across a beautiful meadow, with a wonderful stream running through it. Unfortunately, there were cow pies EVERYWHERE! Public land, and the BLM allowed cow ranchers to graze their cattle there. OK with me. But the government better get grazing fees from the ranchers. Your poor harassed rancher is a loser who doesn’t pay the required fees for using public land. I hope they tKe all his cows away!

  2. Ps, I assume you pay your bills. Just because a guy has a ranch and a lot of guns doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to pay his bills.

  3. Hah hah hah Gary! If all I wrote all you have left is to call me “crazy” then I must have done something wrong… not made my point correctly!
    Oh, there is a valid case, if we believe the Constitution that the land doesn’t belong to the Federal government… but, as you said, I am crazy as usual!!! Love it!

    1. Who does the land belong to? If not the federal government, then I would accept native Americans. But not a crazy rancher that does NOT own it. Respond with intelligence, please. Not with your gut.

      1. The issue from what the rancher has said are 3 fold. 1. The land was set aside to protect an endangered turtle. The claims that the turtle is indeed endangered are dubious. The cattle also do not harm said turtle. This land had remained ranch land until the mid 1990s when the government decided it needed it and seized it then charged those who had been using it. 2. There is not enough land available for use by the ranchers. The government has taken it for this purpose and that for their pet projects. This is part of the reason hat the price of beef has gone up so much. The rancher has repeatedly said he would be happy to pay the state as he feels that the federal government has overstepped their reach in the amount of land owned. 3. Harry Reid has used the new person in charge of the agency to settle political debts with the ranchers who actively opposed his election.
        This is an act of civil disobedience and he has not paid what is owed to the federal government. Of that there is no doubt. What is in serious question is why it is necessary to send in heavily armed agents, including snipers, to go after an otherwise peaceful individual. Yes he has defied court orders and the like, but there is a process to handle these sorts of things that does not involve the threat of violence toward people over some turtles. He is in the wrong, but is so as an act of peaceful civil disobedience, the government agencies went way over board with their response. Do we really want to live in a society where debts are collected by snipers?

    1. “Oh, the ranchers never laid claim on the land”…so, glad you admit the ranchers never paid for the use of the land. So he is a freeloader!

  4. Ah, another Gish Gallop. Creation apologist Duane Gish was notorious for throwing out a string of semi-coherent factoids during a debate. This rapid fire delivery was intended more to confuse than to clarify. That’s obviously the case here, so let’s take a quickie look at the claims.

    Like far too many people with more inherited money than brains, Nevada rancher Clive Bundy has an exaggerated sense of entitlement. The most recent standoff – which amounts to little more than a temper tantrum fit for a 2-year-old thrown by the Bundy Brats – with BLM exists because an incompetent, perhaps even hijacked, federal bureaucracy didn’t haul Bundy’s pompous posterior out behind the legal woodshed earlier.

    By grazing his cattle rent free on public land, Bundy is little more than a welfare recipient living off the American public. As far as I’m concerned, Old Man Bundy is stealing from me.

    Now, if we really want to get down to unfettered capitalism, it’s probably worth pointing out that if Bundy can’t get it cattle back on HIS land and feed ’em, he probably shouldn’t have ’em! Bundy’s not all that from a welfare mother with too many children. Only he’s got calves instead of kids!

    While conservatives love to talk about “the Constitution,” most are unwilling to get into its details during a debate. One reason, when it comes to claims of state’ rights is Article VI, Section 2, of the document. It is known as the Supremacy Clause. In part, that clause declares the “Constitution, and the Laws of the United States……shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

    By the way, just in case anyone missed it, the States ‘ Rights crowd is still fighting a battle their ancestors lost in Philadelphia 238 years ago when the America ‘s first constitution – the Articles of Confederation – was replaced by the current constitution. Not only were the Articles of Confederation pure states’ rights, they were also unworkable! That’s why they were replaced.

    Judicial activism is a double edged sword. Although conservative propaganda portrays it as a liberal, American judicial activism is largely a conservative invention. That’s how corporations became “people” in the United States.

    The creep of corporate power in America has not only subverted American democracy, it has elevated the big business to a divine status. Corporate wealth and power are the gods truly worshiped in America. That’s why legislation favored by corporations is more than twice as likely to become law as bills that are more popular with the American public!

    While conservatives love to blather about Benghazi, they tend to be more reluctant to mention the Beirut Barracks Bombings that killed 60 times as many Americans as were lost in the Benghazi embassy attack. Not only that, those loses drove any significant presence by the American military out of Middle East for almost a decade.

    The sad fact is that Americans have never been safe in the Middle East! Although Marines claim the “shores of Tripoli” as a victory, the actual history is a little more complicated. Not only did losing American ships to the Barbary pirates led to creation of the United States Navy, it also resulted in a treaty denying the United States was a Christian nation – which it wasn’t until historical revisionists intervened!

    Americans have always had a love-hate relationship with immigrants. Virtually ever wave of new arrivals has been treated with disdain. At one time, there was even a whole political party devoted to keeping the Irish out!

    Opening the doors to Hispanic immigration was little more than part of a broader union busting strategy begun under Ronald Reagan presidential administration.

    NSA spying is nothing new. Even before the NSA, Washington was reading telegrams sent through Western Union!

    Black Panther voter suppression is a tempest in a tea pot jacked up by a bunch of crack pots. The incident consisted of two – count them, one, two – black thugs outside a Philadelphia voting precinct with a ball bat and a sign. They were photographed. Police intervened. No one was injured.

    As presently constructed, the privatized American healthcare system is rationed by cost. Patients have to pay to participate.

    The American taxpayer is already subsidizing its inefficient healthcare by covering the costs associated with emergency room visits that merely stabilize rather than treat. There are also the very real potential the the current system will unleash an undetected pandemic on the populace.

  5. Funny how people rationalize demonstrations that the government can oppress its people and enact interfering laws against its people just for any reason. Although I could do an almost line by line answer, I said enough about this! Remember your positions when they knock on your door, rather, kick your door down because your lawn mower is producing too much mulch, or your cow is too flatulent, which won’t happen because of some patriots who will vote in 2024 and 2016. We will always be glad to help! 😉

    1. If “an almost line by line answer” is too inconvenient, please shorten your response by taking the time to explain how a lawn mower produces “too much mulch.”

      On, and by the way, it won’t much matter which politicians take office after the 2014, 2016, or even 2024 elections, the real winners behind the scenes will be corporations. Despite the First Commandment, corporations are the true gods America worships. They are the authors of the latter day fascism that will enslave your children and grandchildren.

  6. That was a sarcastic statement aimed at the government regulations that are as ridiculous as worrying about cow flatulence… Not an inconvenience, but if you think that the barracks in Beirut are equivalent to Benghazi and your language demonstrates that you just do not oppose to government oppression and the collection of doubtful debts with the power of the guns and the reduction of its citizens chance at success, while believing that America is to blame, there is not much room for me to present my arguments and I have grown to weary of even trying…
    Now, blaming corporations instead of the government just makes me wish that the person who does so does not work for one (i.e. is an academic) or to any business who lives off of one because otherwise it would be something akin to hypocrisy, which I am sure you don’t practice… I am not afraid of corporations to enslave my children and grandchildren as I am of a government that indoctrinates children in the public school, to be government dependent citizens, and work up debts of 17 billion committing generational theft; yes, that enslaves!
    Well, apparently I have not said enough! Now I did!

    1. You obviously have no idea how the American governmental system currently works. Nor is it likely that you have ever served in the American military if you do not appreciate that the Beirut bombing resulted in the greatest loss of life for the Marine Corps since Iwo Jima! Instead, your patriotism apparently consists only of voting for the right party in elections. Then, the is typical of the current generation of conservatives. They’re cowards!!!

      If you had examined the history of American public education – which you obviously haven’t – you would know that it originally consisted of an scheme borrowed from 17th century Prussia. It is that paradigm to which conservatives wish to return because it instills blind obedience.

      Likewise, if you had examined the history of the national debt, you would know that it was UNDER one trillion dollars when Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as president in 1981. Before Reagan left office, he’d cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans by over 3/4 and more that DOUBLED the national debt. It was a pattern that would be repeated over the course of the next 3 decades.

      in fact, until the Great Recession, there was almost a perfect statistical correlation between the national debt and the stock market. In other words, future generations were saddled with a mountain of debt so that a relatively few rich people could get richer.

      Citizens become dependent on government when avenues of opportunity are limited. When some of my ancestors helped found the United States, the country consisted mostly of land EAST of the Appalachian Mountains. The population of the colonies at the time of the American Revolution was probably 3 million. Compared to Europe, there was a seemingly boundless supply of resources and opportunity.

      In between the Revolution and the early 21st century, the population of the country has grown a hundredfold. In some places – especially in the West – folks are running short of water. The quality of No. 1 lumber is what No. 2 was a decade ago. These days, gasoline costs 15 to 20 times as much as it did when I started driving. The interest rates banks charge on loans used to be consider usury. Something like 1 in every 6 children is food insecure. Homeless military veterans wander the streets.

      America is no longer the land of opportunity it once was for an awful lot of people. That does not bode well for the future. Eventually, the pain at the bottom will work its way to the top. It is only a matter of time.

  7. You obviously assume a lot of things about people you don’t know! I will not return the favor, but, alas, there so many things that I could! But I have a commandment not to ^bear false witness^ in its most popular interpretation mode; I also am afraid that slandering people which is not healthy for debate. As to the word “obviously”, the third item of this phrase is my take on it: “If it ain’t broken, break it; if something is too good to be true, it is and when they say obviously, it isn’t.” I am proud that at least you can find information about me anywhere in the Internet and you hide behind an assumed name… How is that for “obviously?”
    Thanks for engaging though! It has been interesting!

    1. Well, I am certainly glad that you are “proud.” Only, as I recall, PRIDE comes right in the middle of the common listing of the seven deadly sins!

      On the other hand, slander (noun) requires knowingly making false charges or otherwise misrepresent the facts about another. Conversely, First Amendment protection excludes slander in statements of opinion on matters of public concern. Politics is a matter of pubic concern. Also, when someone willingly or unwittingly becomes a public person, their chances of winning a slander suit – or more accurately in this case, a libel convention – are greatly diminished.

      Meanwhile, “bearing false witness” is the story of American politics. Bill Clinton lied about the sexual nature of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Richard Nixon lied about Watergate. Each election cycle is filled with political ads that tie the truth into a pretzel. America has repeatedly gone to war based on a lie.

      If you were familiar with the founding of the United States, you would know that three of the Founding Fathers penned their thoughts using a common pseudonym. Two equally prominent individuals opposed their views on replacing the then existing Articles of Confederation with a new constitution likewise wrote under patently fictitious names.

      Much of American business is also based on lying. Kevin Trudeau, Bernie Madoff, Steve Warshak, and Jordan Belfort became infamous only because they were exposed. Probably the biggest lie in business was that told by tobacco companies.

      In the end, let’s face it, much of what passes for religion in American life is pure chicanery. Some of it is even criminal Quiverfull’s patriarchal kingpin Douglas Phillips is listed among the more recently disgraced for having “methodically groomed” a 15-year-old girl as his “personal sex object.”

      Like it or not, the system is broken. Believe it or not, God is in the process of judging America in ways you would not even to begin to believe possible. Enjoy!

  8. “Believe it or not, God is in the process of judging America in ways you would not even to begin to believe possible. ” Finally something on which we can agree! I’d add for even more reasons that we can surmise! I am glad you believe God and His incoming judgment. (At least I read what you write before replying! 😉

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