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The destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.
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This is a very old post, a very old thought process – and it has been sitting in my draft box for a very long time. I figured that I might try to post it and be done with it, especially since my interests are somewhere else at the moment.


Nevertheless the temple of God will be in your portion, and the last (temple) will be more glorious than the first. And the twelve tribes will be gathered together there, and all the nations, until the Most High will send forth His salvation in the visitation of an only begotten prophet. (Test Ben 9:2 OPE)

so that nations will come from the ends of the earth to see his glory, bringing as gifts her sons who had fainted, and to see the glory of the Lord, with which God hath glorified her. (Pss 17:31 OPE)

From here (link is dead tho):

The later Rabbis seem to undermine the claim used by Gentile Christians to be Abraham’s seed in Sifre Deuteronomy (on Deut 32:9). – election is not on basis of descent from Abraham or Isaac because some of their descendants were unworthy (Ishmael, Esau), but the Lord claims the portion of his inheritance from Jacob’s offspring.  If such a tradition existed in Justin’s time, his counter is that Christians are also descendants of Jacob and Christ himself was surnamed Jacob and Israel and by extension Christians are the true Israelite genos (123:8-9) (Skarsaune 1987: 346-350).  Justin brings into sharp relief the difference between an association model where Gentiles join Israel through Christ (Rom 11:16-32) and a substitution model where Gentile Christians are Israel (Skarsaune 1987 326-327, 352-353).

Study Trains

  • Research pre-70 Jewish views on Gentiles and post-70 views.
  • Pre-Rabbinical views on Messiah, developing Rabbinical views on Messiah (age)
  • Jewish missionary activity in 2nd Temple
  • Flow to Zion. Third Temple. Messiah


There were many sects of Judaism post 30ad. Sadducees, Pharisees, Essennes, Qumran, The Way, others. They were united at the Temple (usually) but had different leaders and theological positions. The Way began to pull ahead by way of added membership of the Gentiles, who were not required to keep the ritual purity laws and worship at the Temple. When the Temple was destroy, the Christians (The Way) were protected because they had already started to move away from the Jerusalem Temple, maintaining that the individual/church was the new Temple.

As Judaism suffers loss after loss (70ad, Bar Kochba) and Christians gain, Jewish rhetoric turns against Gentile converts so instead of seeing Gentiles as a sign of the Messianic age, they are now ridiculed, etc… marking the Christian Judaism as false because they allow Gentiles in without enforcing upon them Jewish ritual laws.

For centuries, the flux of Gentiles into Judaism was seen as a sign of the Messiah. If all of these sects are fighting for vindication and validity, and then suddenly, the sect of Judaism which emerges with this sign is the one with the dead Messiah – what then?

Wouldn’t this say then that Christianity – evidenced by 2nd Temple Messianic signs – is the real Judaism? Rather, wouldn’t the influx of Gentiles allowed the new sect to claim for itself as the only valid Judaism?

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