Scofield was a scoundrel… Get rid of your Scofield Reference Bibles

The first hit that began to shed light on Mr. Scofield, whose name was misspelled, was in the October 3, 1878 edition of the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Therein we read the following:

Cyrus Schofield alias Chas. Ingerson, who has been hanging around here since the first of July, and who figured conspicuously at the Metropolitan Hotel in Milwaukee a year ago, was arrested here Tuesday morning on a charge of forgery, dispatches having been received by Deputy Sheriff A.E. Hart from parties in St. Louis to hold Mr. Schofield until an officer should arrive to take him in charge. Mr. Hart lodged the gentleman in our county jail, where he awaits the arrival of the Chief of Police of St. Louis.

The revelation that Scofield had been using an alias was sensational. We were then able again to search the Readex database and other online databases for this name. We came across several hits in a Milwaukee paper indicating that Scofield had been holding himself forth as a plantation owner in Mobile, Alabama, and that he was courting a local lass even though he had a wife back in St. Louis.

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I’m thinking of getting the essay myself. Scofield’s ‘scholarship’ is bunk but has served to create a lot of nasty stuff such as dispenstationalism, among otherĀ erroneousĀ beliefs.

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