Scientists predict return to Middle Earth

In the next 100 years the combination of more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increased temperature could be “catastrophic” for an overpopulated world, according to one of the scientists involved. With food supply drastically reduced, evolutionary forces suggest hobbit-sized humans who needed to eat less would have the greatest chance of survival. These findings are the work of an international group of 30 scientists looking at the vast fossil deposits in rock strata in Wyoming in the US, charting the period 55 million years ago when the Earth’s temperature rose suddenly – as it is expected to do this century.

via Mass extinction forecast with 6C temperature rise | Climate News Network.

So, in 100 years… we are doomed. I figure I got another 30 or 40, maybe more if I give up cheeseburgers for Lent…

I know I am making light of this… But read the article.

I know, right… scientists… what do they know?

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