Scholasticism – Are we Wronging the Reformation here?

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I’m still reading through ]]’s book, ]], and something struck me today – especially given my personal choice of scholasticism as a means of correcting certain abuses, superstitions, and outlandish doctrines present today. He notes that Luther, a scholastic himself, rails against the scholastic theology which netted certain ‘Roman’ doctrines citing Thomas Aquinas and his use of Aristotle. He writes,

According to Luther, reason had given Christian teaching “the French pox” (i.e., syphilis) and Aristotle was the pimp who had arranged the tryst… How is it then, that Luther’s would-be faithful followers could so readily turn again to what Luther excoriated as theological fornication? (197)

Payton goes on to lament the fact that the followers of Luther and Calvin have turned to scholasticism to keep alive the faith. Personally, I feel that at some levels, scholastics call the faithful to return to the proper path and can give us answers against the superstition which develops, such as myths and misinformation which surround our faith and dogmas. Much like Payton as the scholastic who calls us back to a proper understanding of the Reformation.

Scholasticism becomes wrong when it starts to develop doctrines far exceeding their station and call.

I would point you also to ]]’s review of the book.

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