SBL Paper Accepted: From Blogging to Book – The Fruits of Accessible Scholars

I’ll be presenting:

How is that a blogger went from knowing it all, to knowing nothing to writing an academic book? This paper will seek to answer those questions, showing the value of accessible scholars and scholarship and the effect it has had on my, moving me from fundamentalism, pushing me into seminary, and finally, allowing me to engage scholars. In the middle of book reviews, follow-up, biblioblog wars, and questions of where the women are, I managed to find a workable thesis and a publishable idea. That’s the importance of ‘biblioblogging,’ that it can serve to reach seeking minds as well as provide pushback against various pseudo-archeological finds. This paper will detail how biblioblogging brought me from knowing it all, through the murky fields of academia, to where I have now engaged world-renown scholars, calling some of them friends, and finally, to becoming an academic author.

Thank you to the committee!

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