San Diego, CA

Meeting Begins: 11/22/2014
Meeting Ends: 11/25/2014 

Call For Papers Opens: 12/20/2013
Call For Papers Closes: 3/5/2014

via SBL Meetings and Events.

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6 Replies to “SBL 2014 – CALL FOR PAPERS”

  1. Nice. Since I live in San Diego, I hope someone off the street can attend some sessions. Any rough estimate of what it costs to attend limited sessions as a non-member? Or is it a closed shop?

      1. I don’t mind paying to attend and hearing a few papers. But don’t want to step outside the rules. I’ll revisit it next year. Still a long way off.

  2. I recommend Vancouver as a future venue. It would do members good to get outside your national borders for a few days. Get to know the big world out there!

    1. Yea, but in San Diego in November, no snow, and Tijuana if you want to leave the country. Canada is like a little U.S.. They still speak English (unless you go to Quebec).

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