Say, just how close are we to not existing on this planet?

Now scientists have redefined the boundaries of the habitable zone for alien planets, potentially kicking out some exoplanaets that were thought to fall within it, and maybe allowing a few that had been excluded to squeeze in.

via New Alien Planet ‘Habitable Zone’ Rules | Extraterrestrial Life |

According to the idea of a habitable zone, the earth (our planet) may be pretty close to just about making it. It looks like we have more reasons to celebrate the uniqueness of our planet and again question, through the anthropic principle, why are we here.

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One Reply to “Say, just how close are we to not existing on this planet?”

  1. I think another equally puzzling question is, “Why are all those uninhabitable planets here?”

    Seriously. Hundreds of billions of planets (in our galaxy alone), and we’re (as far as we know) the only habitable planet supporting advanced life forms? What role do those planets play in the broad scheme of Creation, aside from the anthropocentric notion of “wonder”?

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