Say… is drinking Dr. Pepper a sacrament now?

….this batch curated by HuffPo and Mashable):

  • “This is showing the theory of men evolving from apes. I have lost all respect for Dr Pepper and if Dr Pepper wants business from thousands of people they will need to apologize.”
  • “I love Dr. Pepper but hate this photo. Forget evolution… Jesus all the way!”
  • “Well, there goes my support for this company.”

via Dr Pepper releases evolution advertisement, the internet loses its shit and America is fat.

So, you remember when Chick-fil-a was boycotted… and the religious capitalists declared it an attack on the freedom of religion…

So… since Dr. Pepper is now being attacked and their statement (not a statement, but a humorous add ploy) is attacked… and some of us believe God has used natural progression to create this universe… so are the people attacking Dr. Pepper attacking my freedom of religion?

I think so…

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6 Replies to “Say… is drinking Dr. Pepper a sacrament now?”

  1. I actually think that believers should not attack Dr. Pepper for their ad. No the believers are not attacking your freedom of religion, stop being hyper-sensitive. Since God did not create via natural processess please do not call yourself a christian or use the Bible as your religious writings as both contradict your religious views./

    1. No sure you get the point of the post… Or what a believer actually is.

      And as you have no evidence of your claims that God did not use physical laws to create, your point is wasted.

  2. Well, I’m sure that people’s positions have evolved since way back in the days when they were defending Chick-Fil-A.

    You know, way back last month or whatever …

    Wait, did I say evolved? Silly me …

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