Say… instead of feeding the poor, lets focus on Christian bookstores

First, you gotta see this –

Any disagreement within the Statement of Faith, the essentials of the faith, is indication of false teaching. HOWEVER, a good SoF is not a guarantee that a ministry or teacher is biblical!

This group does not adhere to any one particular denominational decree (non-denominational) or ‘movement’ and strives to reflect biblical Christianity and sound doctrine only. (Titus 2:1)

For further, detailed information with Bible references on the FULL DOCTRINE (Reformed-Calvinist, Conservative, Credo-Baptist, Pre-Tribulation, Pre-Millennial, futurist view of Revelation) that this site supports, this link is offered:

That’s it folks. Everyone else is going to hell. H.E.L.L.


But, what is this Facebook group about?

Welcome to the facebook group, “Identifying False Teaching in Christian Bookstores!” This is where the official website  got its start. Eventually, the research here, the collection of books and links under them, in the photo section of the group, will be transferred to the independent website, while keeping up with newly released books. Lord willing, this is the goal at hand for the admin: build the website info to expose false teaching in Christian Bookstores while keeping the True Gospel of Jesus Christ front and center. Prayerfully, being used in some small way to bring sheep through the Gate, which is Christ, while encouraging the brethren to be good Bereans so as *not to be mislead by false teaching* like Jesus, Peter, Paul, John and Jude all warned of!!

That’s right, folks. Nothing but the word of the lawd….


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One Reply to “Say… instead of feeding the poor, lets focus on Christian bookstores”

  1. Well, perhaps it’s because I’m British, and Methodist, and that sorta brings its own kind of liberalism – but I reckon we should be grateful that there are places like this for the pharisees and legalists to hang out. It’s about being inclusive, and stuff like that. The stuff they can’t handle, but we can. There’s a story of the guy who dies,and arrives at the Pearly Gates,and St Peter offers to show him round. They go in, and find heaven laid out in great grassy parklands surrounded by floral borders. In the first area,folk are dancing and singing and waving their arms in praise – “Here we put the Pentecostals,” explains Peter. The next area is full of folk singing their hearts out – “This is where we put the Methodists,”says Peter. The following patch is full of folk singing, but not so well. “Anglicans,” explains Peter. Then the singing is even poorer, with a distinct smell of incense – “Catholics,” says Peter. Then they pass a parkland surrounded not by a floral border, but by a forty-foot cypressus hedge, and Peter drops his voice to a whisper. “Sore throat?” inquires the new arrival. “No,”says Peter,”we put the Jehovah’s Witnesses in there. They think they’re he only ones up here, and we don’t want to disappoint them.”

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