Russell Huekle, Juror, on the verdict of Casey Anthony

Russell Huekle, an alternate juror, gave three reasons for the acquittal of Casey Anthony:

  • The prosecution “didn’t present the evidence that would have sustained either a murder charge or a manslaughter charge.”
  • They also failed to show a motive. “We and I kept waiting to see what was the motive — “just being a party girl” did not show why she might have killed Caylee, he said.
  • And the prosecution was also unable to say “how did Caylee actually pass away.”

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Yes, I agree. In  murder trial, there is such a thing as reasonable doubt. The prosecution didn’t do a good enough job – either because there was no evidence, or because they are inept. Or maybe both. Here’s the thing, innocence and ‘not guilty’ are two different things. If Anthony is guilty of murdering her little girl, then she will eventually be retried by the Supreme Judge. But, for now, the American Judicial system has done its job. Now, we can pretend like the court of public opinion matters, but it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, it is not even a real court, although it does influence opinions from time to time which actually undermines the real court, so I guess it does matter in as much as we think Justice is democratically decided.

Also, take a gander at Jason’s post on the topic as well as Rodney‘s.

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