Runge. ’nuff said.

I have been slowly reading my way into the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) literature for the last few months as part of my current work in Romans. James Dunn’s keen observations about commonly overlooked–but important–words has been a bright spot in wading through the rat’s nest of detail. The next time I hear someone whine about how complex and detailed discourse grammar is, they’ll get a dope slap. Lots of fields and discussions within them are complex; I am (re)learning that with the NPP literature. It is just a matter of gaining the needed background to understand all of the information that is assumed by those participating in the discussion.

via Exceptional exceptive clauses and Gal 2:16 | NT Discourse.

The good Doctor is preparing a discoure Grammar for Romans. This is a lead up post.

I hope and pray he takes Stanley Stowers’ work into consideration as well.

Anyway, you have to read his work, on Logos, and get some…. here.

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