Ron Paul, a Christian Reconstructionist?

To understand Paul’s religious-right support, it’s necessary to wade a bit into the theological weeds. Most American evangelicals are premillennial dispensationalists. They believe that God has a special plan for the nation of Israel, which will play a key role in the end of days and the return of Christ. A smaller segment of evangelicals hews to what’s called reformed or covenant theology, which, as Deace explains, “tends to teach that in this day the church is what Israel was in the Old Testament.” In other words, Christians are the new chosen people. Covenant theologians aren’t necessarily anti-Israel, but they don’t give it any special religious significance.

via Ron Paul’s Christian Reconstructionist Roots – The Daily Beast.

You know that I don’t like Ron Paul or Christian Reconstructionism, but I am not sure I could so easily say that Paul is one. Sure, they have a lot of the same followers, but that doesn’t mean that Paul is one… right?

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2 Replies to “Ron Paul, a Christian Reconstructionist?”

  1. Right. That’s nonsense. Most importantly, none of his positions are even vaguely CR, from what I can see. So if he is a deeply closeted CR, no one need fear its influence any more than we should fear Joel’s OT social justice positions influencing his politics in a theocratic way. Right?

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