Roger E. Olson on God Wins

Dr. Olson is a friend of Mark Galli, not that that actually seems to matter as he generally is pretty even handed about Galli’s book, God Wins. He sums what what I’ve been trying to say about Galli’s attack on Bell’s questions succinctly,

I wonder, however, whether Mark (I am not calling him “Galli” out of disrespect but because I know him personally and it would be awkward to call him by his last name when we are on a first name basis) is confusing interrogation of ideas about God with interrogation of God.  When I read Love Wins I did not sense Bell intending to interrogate God.  His questions, I thought, were aimed at traditional notions about God.

A good new book responding to Bell’s Love Wins | Roger E. Olson.

Exactly!  Anyway, as I muddle through the book, take a read at Dr. Olson’s review. So far, and I don’t want to read past his review of chapter 2, but I agree with everything that Olson is saying.

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