Rod’s Clarion Call for Submissions for the June Biblioblog Carnival

Hear Ye Hear Ye!:

“In good old fashioned timing (he he, I have the Memorial Day weekend, don’t I, and so do you!), I am making a call until the end of next week for the next Biblioblog Carnival, for June 1st, 2012.

I am collecting posts on Biblical studies along with Theological studies;

Please do the following:

Submit links in COMMENTS section below;

Tweet me links at @RtRDH on Twitter;

or Email me at

Sections will include:

Biblical interpretation, biblical hermeneutics, Trends in theology, Ethics, history, doctrine, Controversies (what’s being debated TODAY),Patristics/Early Church Mothers, Approaches to Race Relations, What’s Hot in Pop Culture, Philosophy and forthcoming books/book projects that are relevant to biblical studies/theology. Oh, yah, and that archaeology non-sense.

But, oh what, folks, shall the theme be for this month’s carnival, I haven’t the slightest idea, but maybe it has something to do with this 1 clue?:

1. If your arch-nemesis hands you a bowl of chili, make sure you ask what’s in it before you gobble it down!”


I will take submissions from comments on this blog post as well. But the carnival itself will be on Political Jesus.

Rod, your Axe-throwing, Salt Shaking, Everyday Rogue Demon Hunter

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