Rodney takes on the Shack… Bible?

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Ignore the title of Rodney’s post, as I sometimes, maybe, include jabs at him in my posts, but it is because we can respect each the other and his opinions that we can do this. That, and I am not going to drive to Texas in order to instruct him in the proper ways of Truth, Justice, and Liberalism.

But, Rodney makes a point…

That’s right, the Bible is being re-paraphrased for fans of the Shack by someone who sees similarities between the Shack’s theology and patristic thought. Personally I do not see it. I am afraid that Young’s deity is right in line with the god of Marcionism, where YHWH’s just and righteous nature is replaced with the liberal Eurocentric god of mainline Protestantism,

Political Jesus: Journeys in Non-Resistant Love.

I might disagree with his generalization of ‘mainline Protestantism’ but Rodney has a hammer and a nail and knows where the head of said nail is.

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