Robert Cornwall is reading “Praying in God’s Theater”

You can read his interaction here.

He concludes,

I’ve heard it said that some are Christmas Christians and some are Easter Christians, but can we have one without the other? And if we have to choose, if we look to the New Testament, then birth, while assumed, is not the focal point.

As we continue the journey through this season of Easter, moving toward Ascension and Pentecost, may those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus consider the centrality of the resurrection!

I am always… shaking…when someone says they are reading my book. But, I am glad Cornwall is rather enjoying it. And I am glad Cornwall is reading it.


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2 Replies to “Robert Cornwall is reading “Praying in God’s Theater””

  1. The real question is: How many Jesus-life Christians are there? While most Christians are focused on the bookends of birth and death, there is a packed life in between. Far too much of that life is ignored by those claiming to follow Jesus.

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