Rob Bell: Loves Wins, the Sermon

Not sure if you’ve heard or not, but some guy named Rob Bell has a book coming out entitled ‘Love Wins’ or something or the other. Anyway, some stink has been raised by lots of people who have never read the book.

In class this past weekend, it was the topic of conversation. A fellow classmate mentioned that the book was based on a sermon, so… here you go:


I’ve never really liked Rob Bell’s version of Christianity to be honest, but then again, I’ve never given it a closer look. Maybe I will…

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2 Replies to “Rob Bell: Loves Wins, the Sermon”

  1. Rob Bell has always beena good communicator. But that doesn’t mean he has always been orthodox. His previous books have always been suspect though sold with a christian tag to them. He will claim to be emergent so as to fit in a category and if the push comes to a shove to make a dollar he will deny the doctrine of hell or even some of the fundamental doctrines of christianity. Rob is very cunning and knows how to catch the attention of young gullible minds. I would say weigh everything he says against scripture-better still guard the loins of your mind when listening to his messages that lack congruity and consistency.

    1. Exactly, Michael, I agree. Weigh everything, but sometimes we’ll have to wait to weigh. I am no fan of Bell’s previous works, but I will not yet condemn him on something that I haven’t read.

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