Right Wing Cherry Picking

Nathan Cherry is back with this blatant lie:

The Democratic National Convention is under heavy pressure to compete with the Republican Convention, which many say was one of the best ever…here

From there, he goes on to complain about the DNC hosting an Islamic prayer group and rails against the lack of Christian presence… except…

Christians also are expected to gather in big numbers throughout the city, including “Charlotte714,” a Sunday afternoon program of music and prayer that’s expected to attract thousands to Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

Catholics also are planning group events, including a Friday night rosary and prayer at Time Warner Cable Arena and a pro-life march and rally next Wednesday at The Square in the center of the city.

Churches throughout the city are opening their doors to special convention-related speakers and programs, highlighting everything from the plight of children and the poor to immigration reform.

During this week of words and speeches, Myers Park Methodist will open mornings as a spiritual hideaway for residents and visitors. (here)

Further, the DNC chairwoman spoke at a Faith Council this morning… and Cardinal Dolan will deliver the benediction…

But there is more… the Muslim prayer group which Cherry suggests the President is “bending over backwards for” is not connected to the DNC

I would hope that one who proclaims himself a follower of Jesus Christ would do better with the truth.

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10 Replies to “Right Wing Cherry Picking”

  1. True christians do not belong to any secular political party. The agenda of the secular political party is not the same as God’s and the believer needs to preach God’s way not the republican nor democratic parties’ ideas.

    1. Do you ever stop posting utter rubbish? No true Christian belongs to a political party? Try Lord Shaftesbury and William Wilberforce. Believe it or not, there’s a world outside U.S. borders and a whole history of Christian involvement in political parties that you are evidently ignorant of. It led to things like the abolition of slavery in Britain. Not a worthy achievement in your book, apparently.

      If you can’t say something sensible, wouldn’t it be better to shut up?

    2. Oh my “true Christian” is like the “no true Scotsman” logical fallacy… But seeing as you have committed many other fallacies, why not this one too

      1. I was about to say the same thing. Odd how we who don’t have a “doctorate” can immediately see his logical fallacies yet the great “doctor’ remains oblivious of them.

  2. Joel, you apparently don’t know Nathan personally. It’s America Joel-disagree, but be respectful of differing opinions-you’re snarkin’ dude

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