Richard T. Hughes: Where are you at, Christian?

If you remember, a while ago I was able to review Hughes’ newest book and interview him. He has taken to asking a very serious question. For those who believe that the bible is to be taken with reverence and often times very literal, where are you at on social and economic justice?

Want to try your hand at solving a riddle with life-or-death implications for people all over the world? Why do so many evangelical and fundamentalist Christians–people who clearly honor the Bible–so often disregard two requirements that are central to the biblical text and central to the teachings of Jesus: peacemaking and justice for the poor? This is hardly an academic question. With over 25% of the total American population fundamentalist and evangelical Christians could make a vast difference in the lives of millions around the world if more of them took the Bible’s teachings on these two points more seriously.

Read the rest here. Good luck.

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