Richard T. Hughes: Christian politicians should start acting Christian

For any of you who haven’t read Dr. Hughes book, Christian American and the Kingdom of God, you should. In this essay, Hughes’ premise is short:

I say that because 83% of the American people claim to be Christians. If those Christians lived as they are taught to live by the teacher they claim to follow, the American public square would be a very different kind of place.

He goes on to single out a few current, trending, ‘Christian’ politicians, namely Sharon Angle, Newt and Sister Sarah, for their profession of Christianity with their lips, but their actions show something else. Read the rest here:

My Take: Christian politicians should start acting Christian – Religion – Blogs.

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3 Replies to “Richard T. Hughes: Christian politicians should start acting Christian”

  1. Amen!

    Christianity isn't a worldview, and it isn't a political party. It sure as heck isn't a capitalist economic system.

    The misuse of Christ's Name to align with secular forces is sin.

    Let's be honest about it, if 87% of Americans were Christians, we wouldn't have homeless people. We wouldn't have children going hungry. Pornography wouldn't be the biggest and fastest-growing entertainment sector.

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