Review of @ivpacademic’s Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition

I must admit, I love these little books.

After turning friends on to their value, either through Logos or the Pocketref app or even through the tradition hardcopies, these hand-sized books have become a staple in my life. No doubt it is because they cover a wide variety of topics, with each dictionary covering the topic with concise entries easily digestible as a sort of morning devotion.

The Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition covers just that — the Reformed Tradition. Sure, it has one entry on the Reformation, but this is about the Tradition evolving from that moment in history. Because of this, you will see the familiar names (like Luther and Calvin), but so too Karl Barth and the Niebuhrs along with doctrines such as the perspicuity of scripture and dialectical theology. You’ll also get a glimpse into the rather un-ecumenical moments of the Church, such as with the entry Babylonian Captivity. Also included are various Reformed organizations, such as the WARC – the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

These little books come in very handy for building up knowledge rather quickly, and given that many of the entries are cross-linked to other entries, you can almost create a choose-your-own-adventure of learning about the Reformed Tradition.

ad fontes! (Which, if you don’t know what that means, buy the book and turn to page 11.)

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