Review: NLT Pitt Minion Reference Black Goatskin Edition

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From the Publisher:

Dimensions:4.875 x 6.9375
Number of pages:1,160
Publication Date:Aug. 09

An Accessible Translation in an Elegant Binding

The New Living Translation was translated by 90 leading Bible scholars from the ancient texts. It employs natural, conversational English accessible to people of all ages and a range of educational levels, making it particularly suitable for people new to the Bible and for public reading.

The slimline Cambridge Pitt Minion format is widely admired for its compact but clear type and its elegant binding styles. In the NLT editions the words of Christ are printed in red and there are full cross- references, a dictionary/concordance and maps.

This is a Bible binding of the very highest quality, printed on very thin and light India paper, with beautiful art-gilt edges. The pages are Smyth-sewn, giving the books plenty of support and allowing them to stay flat once open. The cover is made from goatskin leather, a supremely supple and flexible material, which not only looks and feels good, but will last for many years.

People willingly spend hundreds of dollars on console gaming systems, or computers, or even new church clothes, but generally look for the best ‘deal’ on the bible. While this bible is highly priced (most over $100 – but in no way overpriced), the value, the longevity, the quality of it, will last far long than some of those things you have have spent 10 times as much on. If you value the bible, then this is a bible which will hold its value for a long time.

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I currently have several Cambridge bibles in my collection, all of them King James. (One includes the Apocrypha, which was printed in many of the early KJVs.) My oldest daughter has a Cambridge bible, circa 1950’s/1960’s which is still in use, in great shape, and dearly loved. My wife has a white leather bible, just a few years old, and it still retains it’s ‘newness’ feel. Further, after having given away a fine wide-margin Cambridge, my two KJV Cambridges, both black calfskin remain a center point for my library, and my church use (if I am not using one of my NLT’s). You simply cannot go wrong with a Cambridge bible.

The printing in the Pitt Minion is small (typeface is 6.75 point), and might be troublesome for some eyes; however, the Pitt Minion is geared to be compact, but sturdy. While the typeface is smaller than what some might expect, the printing is clear making it easier to read than expected. It is a red-lettered edition, but unlike other red-lettered bibles, has quality dark ink which is consistent throughout. The goatskin leather provides suppleness, and the sewn-binding means that it will lay flat on it’s back. The bible is printed on India paper, with gilded edges, which may hinder normal notations made by the user, but they do have special pens for this type of paper. Further, this NLT, like the recent Mosaic, is center-column reference, making it a traditional reference bible. The Pitt Minion NLT also features the standard maps (15 pages) and the 100 plus page dictionary/concordance.

The beauty of any Cambridge is the historical and value-rich feel. This bible can be handled with ease by anyone. Simply, for value, the Cambridge cannot be beat; for readability the NLT cannot be beat. When you bring both together, you have a bible worth more, and with a long lasting value, than many on the marker today. This Pitt Minion is the New Living Translation, providing a quality bible translation in clear language. For those who want a quality bible which will last for generations, go with the Cambridge. You will not be disappointed.

I would like to thank Baker Publishing Group for this review copy. They are the only North American distributors of the Cambridge bibles.

You can see Rick’s and T.C.’s review as well.

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  1. The Bible is not only a book for today, but it is also the book of the future. As Jesus said in Luke 21:33, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” Thank God that He has shared with us the truth and purpose of life. You will learn more about that life—and about your future—as you study your Bible.

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