Review: New Oxford Annotated Bible 4th Edition

The first part of my review of the New Oxford Annotated Bible, 4th Edition (hereafter NOAB4) will focus more on appearance than on content.

Here is a picture of the 3rd and 4th editions.  The 4th edition is on top.



Page NumberingPage numbering varies depending on the section: or .Page numbering is sequential and consistent throughout: Hebrew Bible | 613 or New Testament | 2067.

Misc cosmetic changes:

  • The print of the NOAB4 is smaller than the print in the NOAB3.

I like the change made in the numbering of pages.  The page numbering in the NAOB3 didn’t make much sense.  Concerning the font size, the smaller print of the NAOB4 hasn’t really bothered me.  I like that the NAOB4 is a little thinner than the NAOB3.  I used the NAOB3 during seminary, and it was a beast to lug to and from class.  All in all, I approve of the cosmetic changes.

My next post will look at the content of the NOAB4.

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8 Replies to “Review: New Oxford Annotated Bible 4th Edition”

  1. Question: does the 4th edition still come with Maccabees 3 and 4 (basically, all the books included in the 3rd edition)? Thank you.

    I really want a scholarly bible and I have been searching for one for so long which contains all the books apoc/deutr…

    Thank you so much.

  2. Just to say that I am old enough that the smaller font size of the 4th edition really spoiled it for me. I ordered it, but when it came I found it so difficult to read that I gave it away to a younger person. I’m now back to using my 3rd edition. How old, you ask? 54.

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