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This is my first video project with iMovie, so…

While writing my recent work on the Gospel of Mark, I more than once turned to the Anchor Bible Dictionary for facts and other insights. Unfortunately, more often than not, the six volume set resided safely at home. In the nearly 8 years since I first purchased them, I have had the pleasure of using them just a handful of times. Yet, since I received the Logos set, I’ve had it open on my ipad and/or Macbook more than I can count. The ability to carry around the library of information is going to come in handy.

Okay, so you do not have the Anchor Bible Dictionary and you are not convinced you want one. So, this video and this post doesn’t mean much to you. I cannot help personal taste, I guess, but if you would listen just a bit. I have yet to find any set of dictionaries quite like the ABD. I’ve read through every article once, and many of them twice. They do not tow a particular ideological line, with scholars representing a wide variety of viewpoints you’ll never know. What I mean is this: The information contained in this set is of immense importance and should not be dismissed because it is deemed conservative or liberal. Indeed, the scholarship is sound and often takes into account various opinions that may differ from the essayist’s own. If you are a critical scholar, a concerned student, or a reader of Scripture for something other than devotional material, the ABD is where it’s at. There is no better resource, I think, when it comes to presenting what the ABD presents.

So, to sum this post up. 1.) If you have the ABD in hardcopy and haven’t yet decided if you want the electronic version, trust me, you do. Go ahead and donate your hard copy to someone or a library and purchase the set from Logos. 2.) If you do not have the ABD yet, get it. You will not be disappointed. The scholarship is second to none.

Get it here.

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