Review: Girl’s Life Application Study Bible, NLT

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Our daughter (age 8 ) received The Girl’s Life application Study Bible as a reward for straight A’s on her end-of-year report card (thanks to Tyndale!). She is the ultimate girly girl so right off she enjoyed the looks of this Bible. It’s glittery, pink & purple and when you open it all the way, there is a butterfly on the cover. The edges of the paper are pink & purple as well and make up pretty flowers.

We thumbed through checking out all of the features and we found out pretty quickly how great this life application Bible is! At first glance, I was very impressed with the quick answers feature. Here there are alphabetically listed answers to “nagging questions” that inevitably arise in a young girl’s life. As Abigael and I read I asked her to give me a topic to read about, something that she thinks about or something that worries her. She chose Popularity, we found it and underneath were several scriptures to read. We read each one and had a long discussion about why popularity is not important. These quick answers allow her to go to the bible and apply scripture to her life. She is still young but has concerns and questions none the less.

Next we checked out Amazing Facts. These facts are randomly laid out within the chapters of each book. They are short facts about people or events that took place in the chapter it is nearest to. With the fact comes the corresponding scripture. Also, in the back of the book there is a “Greatest Stories Reading Plan” where you can check off reading assignments as you go, in order to read the bible in one year. another favorite feature for Abigael is the magazine like History Remix. This section tells about clothes, jewelry, places & animals of the bible times. Charts and Maps are also scattered through out this bible.

Some other features include I Survived, which are personal stories collected from teens across the country. They tell of survival and how they made it through some situations in their lives. This helps a girl realize she is not alone. This Bible, in general, really tries to connect and it is successful. Is it OK? are notes designed to help you learn what the Bible has to say about some questions that may be on your mind. They are age appropriate. Book Introduction is a brief overview of what you will see in each Bible book and the main idea in each book.

There are some things that are a bit more applicable for older girls in their teens. We’ll be saving those for later but we can see this bible growing with our daughter. She has been enjoying it and looks forward to reading it and of course how she looks carrying it. Overall this is a wonderful bible that relates and is applicable for girls of all ages (and maybe even mom).

(Polycarp’s thought: There is no greater joy than to share the love of God with someone, and that joy is exponentially mulitplied when it is your children. This is my daughter’s second NLT, the second bible she has asked for, and the second one which she curls up with and reads to us and her siblings. Sometimes, it takes a little ownership over a bible to get the children to enjoy reading it, with enjoy being the operative word.)

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  1. Thank you for this great video. I am buying a bible for my 9 year old daughter and I was 90% sure this was the one I wanted. Your video made my decision 100%.

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