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There are a few commentaries I turn to — namely those examining Scripture with the Fathers as well as a few examining it from a critical, but theological, source. The Library from Westminster/John Knox fits into the latter category. With Accordance…


That sounds like a review. This is a review, but it doesn’t have to sound like an infomercial.

I like Accordance. I like WJK. I REALLY like the introductory price. Why? Because the Library is solidly important to the reader of Scripture as well as to those who are critically engaged in an ancient text continuing to make waves across the world. Further, because it is on Accordance, rather than 68 volumes I would have to carry around with me? I can access it on my phone, tablet, or mac without worrying that it will eat up all of my rather important space.

One of the features of this library? The feature common to Accordance modules? The NT Library is literally one volume (if you purchase the entire library) — and the OT Library is as well. I find this distinctly useful as it helps to combine the the whole of canon so that we aren’t searching for each book and do not have the need to open up window/tab after window/tab needlessly. They are all interrelated anyway, right?

The New Testament Library contains volumes by some of the best known, and most influential modern schools — such as Boring, Martyn, and Thompson.The Old Testament Library contains scholarship reaching back before we had this software, or even thought of software — but von Rad is time tested as is Childs and the host of other contributors to this longstanding and highly important series. Not only that, but the companion volumes now approach not simply the books, but particular needs raised by periods as well as the theology of certain books (for instance, John’s two-audience approach).

Luke Timothy Johnson, one of the most brilliant New Testament scholars — and Catholic theologian — afforded us today, writes the Hebrews volume. He does not shy away from combining both a critical view — including surrounding works — and pointing out how such things (such as Hebrews 1.3) became important to the Church.

With the Accordance  (there is that review language again) you get to have the Library keyed up next to your favorite translation.

One of my absolute favorite volumes is John Collins’s Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic Age. 

Jewish wisdom flourished under Hellenism in the books of Ben Sira and the wisdom of Solomon, as well as in a recently discovered sapiential text from Qumran. In this book, internationally known author John Collins presents a compelling description and analysis of these three texts and their continuing wisdom traditions.

I want to return to the NTL commentary volumes for a minute. They do not shy away from controversial topics — topics important to modern theological thinkers and critical engagers of the Sacred Text.

With von Rad and Genesis… You are going to get some detail there that approaches Creation from a critical but connected way.

Finally, because Accordance 12 is packed with features, you get access to those features with the WJK Library.

I love the ways I can easily access workspaces…and move things around in a user-intuitive way.

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