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This series consists of 19 volumes on the biblical text (16 Old Testament and 3 New Testament) and one volume serving as an extended excursus on the theology of the Psalms. A Continental Commentary stands out as a series that offers English translations of European (primarily French and German) commentators in English. However, Jacob Milgrom, who wrote the Leviticus volume is an Israeli American.

The Continental Commentary is designed for a reader that is intent on reading a commentary, bringing to us a wider view of European scholarship. One author, Lührmann (Galatians), notes that he writes for the reader who is looking for a take on the entire book and individual passages. What’s nice, is that while this is an in-depth commentary, what I don’t find is a lot of technical language found in some of the other academic versions.

When the commentary has pictures, you can click on those pictures and they expand. This is a really nice feature for those of us who have been studying these books for a while and our eyes… are tired.

There is some change up among the volumes. Some volumes (the NT), has the text, form, and commentary whereas the OT has the text, some literature, overview, and commentary. Ruth’s author has decided that it is important that in reading the book, we have access to relevant passages that help us better understand the text. After all, Ruth does in fact compromise an argument between various theological strains in scripture. Regardless, the Continental Commentary presents the text in an accessible way.

As you can see, Accordance provides us the change to better use these resources. What I like is that we can easily gloss our curser over the Hebrew word (see above) and get the English version. Or, we can check out other passages. This does safe us time – and helps us keep focus when we use the commentary.

I was able to install this module in about 3 minutes — with it immediately ready to use. No indexing.

Also, and I know all of you Accordance users have discovered this, but I was able to drag and drop the commentary in my library — way up at the top so that I can better access it. And yeah, I’m into the dark mode of Accordance. This feature is one of the highlights of Accordance 13.

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