Revelation as Gospel (Again)

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This has been a recurring them in my way of interpreting Revelation since I was introduced to it last year. It comes to me again via ]]’s essay in the book seen to your left. In this essay, something I’ll post on later, he wrestles with not just being foreign to parts of the text, but having his culture (African diaspora) counter-intuitive to John’s message.

Anyway, during this discussion, he writes,

Revelation sings of God’s power and intent to renew God’s world, and in this sense it is gospel. The present order of the world is not the order willed by God, and God will in due course eliminate all who suppress life on earth. in the order portrayed by Revelation, God’s rule is manifest only in the faithful witness of the martyrs, while the human condition as such is still controlled by the Beast. Yet there is something to hope and work for: God’s righteous kingdom. (p121)

Not only that, but Revelation serves as a witness to Christ, His sufferings and persecution (through the Church often times) and His ultimate victory over the cosmic order.

Do you see the Gospel in Revelation? Is Revelation good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

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