Renewal tonight….

I like that term more than I do revival.

Renewal has more of a biblical flair to it. Sure, to revive is all about the resurrection, sort of, but to renew is more appropriate. I mean, the people of God aren’t supposed to be dead, but we can suffer the same slowdowns the rest of the world has. We can get bogged down, crusted over, forgetful, lazy, wounded, hurt, drained, fatigued, apathetic, tired and anything which requires us to need renewal. Renewal, then, is something that happens long before death. It’s like medicine that you take when you are feeling sick, or that nap after a long day. It’s different for different people. And comes by different things for different reasons.

I really enjoyed last year’s series. This year will be preached by a former assistant pastor at Christ Church.

So, that’s where I’m heading off to…

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