Remembering The Past may be good therapy!

I struggled to publish this here, but this is from the 90’s when I used to be a TV translator, lip-synchronizer ¬†and dubber. The face is familiar, but ONLY THE VOICE is mine! It was viewed and heard by circa 100 million people around the world, 40 million in Brazil alone. Today is still viewed in Portuguese speaking countries still with my voice!

Of course, today, because I am a Calvinist (since the late 90’s) I decided this no longer to be appropriate to me for my own financial and professional loss. If you can stand it, wait until he starts weeping and see “how good” I really was at it!!!! Therapy for me, SICKNESS for you… perhaps!

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3 Replies to “Remembering The Past may be good therapy!”

  1. Pretty good. This was obviously before Jimmy hooked up with his hookers.
    You would have been good announcing football (soccer) games.

  2. LOL, but remember that during that time I was right there with him theologically. I was a Pentecostal preacher.

  3. As I remember, Jimmy used to tell his wife he was changing a flat tire, while he was slipping into a local motel for some illicit fun. What I can’t believe is how some of his followers forgave him. Repentance is one thing. Stupidity is another. Anyway, you’ve got a good broadcast voice. And soccer/football is almost a religion.

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