Remembering the Bloody Quest for an English Bible

Tyndale (1434-1536) was a linguistic genius whose expertise in seven languages dazzled the scholarly world of this day.  Educated at Oxford University and eventually ordained as a priest, he rather quickly came to see translating the Bible into English as his vocation in life.

Because the vernacular Bible was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, Tyndale did his work of translation while living on the Continent.  He finished his translation of the New Testament in 1525, and copies reached England the following year, smuggled in bales of cloth and sacks of flour.  Catholic bishops conducted public burnings of the books.  Tyndale began work on the Old Testament but was lured out of hiding by a Catholic sympathizer.  He was declared a heretic and met his end near Brussels by strangling and burning at the state in 1535.

For people who have multiple English Bibles on their shelves, it is important to be reminded that the vernacular Bible was begotten in blood.  What we take fro granted originally seemed impossible.

The source is Leland Ryken’s new book (which is quite good) Understanding English Bible Translation, pp. 37-38


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  1. Today, June 12, 2013…My Name Is Charles,
    I Confess Christ Jesus…Ten Years ago I and My Family Attended an Exhibit in Atlanta entitled,
    From Abraham To Jesus. The most striking Alive Piece of Scripture for me was A Leaf Of Tyndale’s
    Blood Bible. Until Believers Reintroduce God’s Word in Daily Conversations, LET PEOPLE’S EARS HEAR SOMETHING WORTH HEARING,
    Man Will Continue To Slide Deeper Into Sin and Death. In 1967, The First Church I Served outside my Home Church…a Bible Smuggler Minister came for a Sunday and the First Person Sermon He Gave was about Bibles Needed In Russia!
    I now has a First Person Connection with People I Meet, God’s Word…Christ Is All In All Thru All…
    If You Know Him, Join In Daily, Christ Leads…
    If You Do Not Know Jesus, Ask Him In Your Life
    Then All The Places You Go. Follow Jesus…
    I Am His, Charles

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