Reflections: Ancient Christian Commentary – Apocrypha (2)

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As a part of this week’s series on Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, the Apocrypha, I wanted to share with you a few of the early writers which are included in these volumes –

We have the standards like Clement of Rome, Augustine and Irenaeus but we have those not commonly cited in the West such as John Cassian. We also have unknowns (to me) such as Hesychius, Isaac of Nineveh, a few pseudo’s, and even Fastidiosus. There are Elders, such as Salvian, and popes, such as Leo the Great.

Victor of Vita and some Anonymous Italian join the list as well. As does Didymus the Blind and his teacher, Origen. The Julians Three make the list – of Eclanum, Pomerius and Africanus. Even the Spaniard, Leander of Seville makes the index of authors. And it goes on and on and on… with names that I wouldn’t dare to pronounce out loud and some I even give up on before I think it.

I have another volume at home, with an equally (sometimes share) listing of names as this volume does. If you want a wide range of authors, East to the West, literal to the more allegorical, and even those you might not like, from Augustine to John Cassian, to broaden your reading and to add a few points to your sermon, you might give these books a try.

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