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I wanted to spend some time this week introducing you to the Life Recovery Bible from Tyndale House Publishers.

First, let me say that I am generally, if not always, against ‘niche’ bibles. They are marketing tools designed to appeal only to the sight and never to the mind of the believer, new or old. I was a bit apprehensive of this bible, because, frankly, I thought that it might be a niche schemed bible, but after some time reading the added material, I have to say that it is little, or a lot, more than the bibles some hand out with highlighted passages and hand written notes in the front cover.

The translation is the New Living Translation, which I believe to be a fine translation for everyday reading, and serves well as an introduction to bible reading by those who may not be use to it.

This bible is geared to those battling substance addiction using either the 12 step Recovery or the 8 step, or Celebrate RECOVERY method. Starting from the front material, scriptural passages are tied to both methods. How does this help you or they? First, it helps to set the steps into the scriptural formation, beneficial to you who may be helping to and the one who needs to draw that connection. We have to remember that we take the bible as a daily guide to our lives. We can find in the pages those who have abused others and themselves and many times, sought for and received recovery through the mediation of God. If you can show, of they can be shown, that the Higher Power has helped others, it might actually help.

Further, it gives mediation to those twelve steps by showing that people have lagged or become distracted and sometimes didn’t finish the race while others did. Overcoming addictions, even overcoming the harshness of life, takes perseverance and we can find examples in the biblical texts of those men and women who overcome.

I have to say, that I much prefer the paper used in this production more so than that which has been used in other NLT’s or other bibles, as a matter of fact. The features include devotionals based on the 12 Step program, the Serenity Prayer, and the Recovery Principles. It includes profiles, notes reflections, and themes based focused on Recovery, some of which I intend to present to you later in the week. Of course, there is the usual outlines, introductions, etc… but it is the Recovery material which I believe is the needed examination.

Stay tuned…

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