Reflection: NLT Life Recovery Bible – Say What?

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As part of the reflection series, I wanted to share with you a few of the added material, letting it stand on its own. Remember, part of the purpose of this bible is to connect the goals of recovery with Scripture, or perhaps Scripture with the goals of recovery.

They are just random excepts:

Ezekiel 16.59-63:

Even though Israel had failed God and punishment was certain, God’s promises of blessing would still be fulfilled in the end. The judgment Israel would suffer was part of the recovery. The same is true for us. As we face the consequences of our failures, we should not blame God. We must face the truth that we have failed God and others. but no matter how great out sins, we can hope for future restoration. If we listen and respond humbly to our sufferings, God will use them in our recovery process. God will never fail us if we admit our sins and seek to follow his will for our life.

1st Chronicles 13.13-14:

We often experience setbacks when we attempt to accomplish something good. Such was the case here. David wanted to take the Ark to Jerusalem, but the death of Uzzah brought his project to a standstill. The good thing went undone because God’s requirements were not observed. We often experience similar setbacks in recovery because we try to achieve things our own way. We forget to seek God’s will in the recovery process. God is concerned not only that we reach the goal but that we go about it in the right way.

Mark 1.51-55:

These words from Mary’s song present God’s priorities in stark contrast to the way our world thinks. When life seems unfair and does not turn out the way we might have chosen, it is important to realize that God’s ways are not our ways. personal fulfillment and genuine recovery do not come through human greatness and success, but through repentance and sincere humility. The most important relationships in life are not with the rich and famous but often with the lowly, the needy, and those in recovery.

These selections are from the running commentary/devotionals at the bottom of the pages. It does not do justice to what else in in there. My recommendation? Use this bible whether you are in Recovery or simply want a good devotional, or you are a fire and brimestoner who might need some tempering.

More to come….

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